V6 Cisco Director & V6 Cisco 360 Advisory Launched

  • 18 Feb 2024
  • By Andy Macleod
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Redefining Compliance with V6 Cisco Director and V6 Cisco 360 Advisory

Helping businesses realize the full potential of their Cisco Partnership

BRACKNELL, UK, 15th May 2024 — Ensuring strong alignment with Cisco’s market direction and programs in today’s fast evolving commercial environment makes a material difference to the bottom line for Cisco partners.

That is why Vortex 6 is pleased to announce the launch of V6 Cisco Director and V6 Cisco 360 Advisory, a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to maximize the value of Cisco partnerships. Together, this suite delivers greater management awareness, improved competitiveness, business continuity and better alignment with Cisco programs.

Commenting on the launch Peter Olive, CEO says: “We are driven by a passion for helping our customers fully realize the value of their relationship with Cisco. V6 Cisco Director and V6 Cisco 360 Advisory provide Cisco partners with new opportunities, better alignment, and more control and visibility for all stakeholders. Most importantly it delivers the opportunity to maximize profitability and make a significant difference to the bottom line.”

The Cisco Director suite comprises

V6 BOM Analyzer

BOM Analyzer is a powerful sales tool for Cisco partners. It provides true deal margin visibility which can typically be up to three times the visible margin. V6 BOM Analyzer lets partners know the margin on the product, applicable VIP, CSPP, Life Cycle Incentive opportunities and Professional Services margin. This is good for partners and good for Cisco.

V6 Cisco Compliance

V6 Cisco Compliance fully automates management of compliance with the Cisco Partner Program in a single dashboard. Delivering full visibility of the current position and providing advanced notice of upcoming changes that will affect program status. It’s a powerful planning tool enabling partners to consider different strategies and includes all the training and costs required for each Certification to make budgeting simple. Partners no longer need to build and maintain custom spreadsheets or find people with deep knowledge of the Cisco Programs. V6 Cisco Compliance reduces cost and risk.

V6 Cisco Incentives

Cisco offers generous incentives and rebates to encourage partners’ business direction and market focus. The V6 Cisco Incentives management solution enables them to take advantage of these by providing a comprehensive view of incentives and rebates including accrued VIP rebate, status of minimum bookings, rebates accrued by client, financial forecasting and upcoming renewals.

V6 Cisco 360 Advisory

We have pulled together all of our expert advisory services into V6 Cisco 360 Advisory. It covers advice on every aspect of a partner’s relationship with Cisco from strategic alignment through to operational efficiency, specialization advice, incentive forecasting, and audit preparation.

V6 LCI Advisory (Life Cycle Incentives)

V6 LCI Advisory offers detailed guidance to unlock rebates across all LCI opportunities, ensuring compliance with Cisco’s criteria for Customer Success Plans and Business Outcomes. This strategic support assists in navigating Cisco program changes, optimizing lifecycle processes for efficiency, and securing maximum rebate potential through expert advisory services.

Vortex 6 is attending Cisco live in Las Vegas from 2-6 June, if you would like to talk to any of the team about V6 Cisco Director and V6 Cisco 360 Advisory please email Andy.Macleod@Vortex6.com

To find out more about V6 Cisco Director and V6 Cisco 360 Advisory, please visit www.vortex6.com.



By Andy Macleod

VP Global Sales and Marketing at Vortex 6, Andy has decades of experience in technology and education and is passionate about its power to drive economic and social change.

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