V6 HR Director Launched

  • 18 Feb 2024
  • By Andy Macleod
  • In News

Businesses underestimate their employee capabilities by as much as 50%

Vortex 6’s new workforce planning innovation, HR Director, shows your true potential

BRACKNELL, UK, 26th June 2024 —Professional certifications are critical for business success, but it is a challenging task for organizations to keep track of team capabilities because qualifications data is often held in disparate, disconnected locations, with limited assurance over its integrity and lifespan. At the same time, organizations are trying to keep up with the fast-pace of tech evolution, identifying role-matched training requirements and upskilling employees so they can better meet customer needs. It’s always been a manual process, with many moving parts, that often requires a dedicated employee to track and manage.

Launching today, V6 HR Director from Vortex 6 removes all these challenges, delivering clean, accurate, real time, dynamic and consolidated certifications data that enables the proactive management of employee talent, including contractors, strategic partners and associations. This game-changing workforce tool means organizations can now see their true capabilities. For the first time they have the visibility to proactively manage employee talent and track certification changes, enabling them to plan training and upskilling programs that are better aligned to business needs, building workforce strength and driving growth.

With over 12,500 major vendor certificates tracked including Cisco, Microsoft, AWS and IBM, HR Director enables organizations to have all their workforce skills in one place. With a wide range of analysis and reporting options, having this single source of truth empowers organizations to effortlessly assess capabilities, redeploy talent to where it excels, optimize team output, and increase productivity, performance and market competitiveness.

Commenting on the launch Peter Olive, CEO, Vortex 6 says: “Already we can see, through implementations of HR Director, that organizations rarely have visibility of more than 50% of certifications held by staff. That’s like leaving 50% of your desk space unused, but still paying for it.  Once they know their true capabilities, they can employ their workforce to greatest effect in better alignment to business needs, and ensure products and services are supported with the right level of employee capability.”

A web-based application, V6 HR Director can be purchased standalone or boosted with other V6 products and services.

To find out more about V6 HR Director, please visit www.vortex6.com.



By Andy Macleod

VP Global Sales and Marketing at Vortex 6, Andy has decades of experience in technology and education and is passionate about its power to drive economic and social change.

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