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Our Story

We are driven by a passion for helping businesses fully realize the value of their relationships with partners and employees. 

In 2009 we identified that technology businesses were struggling to get the most out of partnership programs with major vendors. Maintaining compliance with certification requirements was a challenge, and partners often failed to capitalize on the rebates and incentives vendors were offering. This was bad news for partners, who were leaving deals and revenue behind, and bad news for vendors, whose incentive programs were not always achieving their objectives.

Drawing on our extensive experience with Cisco and other major vendor partner programs, we developed V6 Fusion, a software service that fully automates partnership management. It gives partners total control and real-time visibility of their partner program compliance.

As the market has shifted towards long-term sustainable annuity-based commerce, our offerings have evolved to encompass the entire deal lifecycle. Our solutions include an incentives module, deal optimization, and customer experience (CX) solutions, all supported by a team of experts who offer managed and advisory services.

Our latest unique solution enables organizations to track 12,000 certifications across more than 960 vendors in one platform. It gives businesses real-time insight into the skills and capabilities of their workforce, providing instant visibility over vendor compliance status and alerting management teams when and where action and training investment is needed.

V6 Solutions deliver improved management control, greater visibility and efficiency, reducing risk and maximizing income potential. The result? Improved profitability and more agile, sustainable business.

We work with some of the largest multi-national technology providers in the industry, alongside respected in-country systems integrators. We have a proven and measurable track record of improving their business.

Our People

Peter Olive

The company was founded by Peter Olive, who serves as CEO. Peter has been working in the Cisco and certification sector for 28 years in a career spanning Europe and Australia. His solution-focused approach and deep understanding of the impact employees, their qualifications and experience have on the success of companies has been invaluable in his leadership of businesses large and small.


Andy Macleod

VP Global Sales & Marketing at Vortex 6, Andy has decades of experience in technology and education. Andy set up the Cisco Network Academy Program in UK & Europe which has taught networking skills to over 20 million students worldwide since 1997. He has been actively  involved with Government initiatives to build the skills economy and is passionate about the power of technology and education to drive social and economic change

Giacomo Spagnoli

Giacomo Spagnoli, Head of Service and Advisory at Vortex 6, combines a Master’s in Physics with an innovative mindset. He led the creation of the V6 Cisco 360 and LCI Advisory Services that help partners strategically and operationally align, comply and profit from Cisco’s specializations and programs.

Giacomo and his team work closely with product development on the next generation of multi vendor compliance and human asset tools.

Martin Cheetham

Product & Services Director at Vortex 6, Martin has been with the company since joining from university 10 years ago where he achieved a Master’s in Physics. He is responsible for the design, development and strategy for our solutions. He has a young family and resides in the South of England. He is on the V6 Board.

Vortex 6 is trusted by

We have been working since 2009 with some of the most successful and dynamic organisations in the industry.

What our clients say about us

Capita IT & Networks has found the team at Vortex 6 to be highly knowledgeable, helpful, always available and easy to work with. Outsourcing compliance to them has given us unprecedented visibility and confidence combined with an overall net saving on costs.

The product provides us with a complete view of our employees Cisco certification data across the entire company, it has the functionalities and reporting capabilities we need to meet the requirements of the Cisco Gold Partner Program.

We’ve used V6 Fusion for many years to track our Cisco program compliance and VIP rebates. The software is constantly evolving and Vortex 6 always find new and innovative ways to add value.

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